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Microsoft Ads: Create An Ad

Create an Ad getting up an ad unit is very straight forward. All ads that are going to be run will be created in Microsoft Advvertising If you want to create an ad that will be run on Microsoft Bing,…

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Microsoft Ads: Contact Support

Microsoft Advertising Support Contact Microsoft Advertising support for help with an issue. Microsoft has a separate support section for the ad campaign manager versus Bing Places. If you need help with ads, ad campaigns, or with any advertising-related issue. Contact…

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Bing Places: Check Bing Profiles

Bing Places Change Bing Places Profiles All Bing locations have an online profile in Bing Places All of the location information is stored in profiles in Bing Places, the Address, Business Name, business hours, location photos, any contacting formation, and…

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Bing Places: Get Help

Bing Places Get help from Bing support Contact Microsoft support for Bing places by online chat. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, in the footer, click on the Support link. You will be taken to the support…

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Web hosting: cPanel Sections

Web Host cPanel Basic cPanel usage. cPanel controls access to the various functions of the website's hosting account. Access to the websites files, database, subdomain, email addresses, web host settings are located in cpanel. The actual number of components will…

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