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Hotel bathtub rust overflow repair

Rust Overflow and Chipped Bathtub Repair

Do you have some damage to your bathroom bathtub or shower? Maybe you need a crack or hole repaired, but do not want to refinish the entire tub. NuFinishPro can spot-repair cracks, nicks, and other damage to the bathtub, shower, or sink surface. Spot repairing is a great way to repair any damage to a hotel room quickly without affecting the establishment’s business. Often a hotel room can be occupied after a 4-hour setting time.

Here’s how we can repair the damage to your existing bathtub, shower, or other fixtures in your bathroom without having to refinish the entire surface. NuFinishPro will remove the old coating around the damaged area, fully spot repair it, and then color match and restore the immediate area where the old coating was located. Once the spot repair is complete and the new coating has completely set, there will be no odors.

NuFinshPro’s Spot Repair Process Includes:

  • Removing the existing coating
  • Aggressively cleaning the area before the repair work is done
  • Fully repairing the damaged area
  • Custom color matching the new finish to the existing color
  • Applying a refinishing coating over the newly painted area to seal the spot repair

Spot Repair Benefits

A spot repair has many benefits. In some cases, we can micro-clean and polish the surface without having to color match or repaint the surface, allowing the shower, bathtub, or sink to be used immediately. A spot repair can also eliminate the need to strip off the previously applied coating if the tub was previously refinished. A spot repair where the previous coating has failed may be the only necessary service. Once a spot repair is complete, the hotel room can be used or rented out in 4 hours.

Color matching a spot repair can save you up to 50% over refinishing the entire tub again. Spot repairs are also a great way to help the environment, not to mention reducing the amount of waste generated by replacing the bathtub or shower and the down time during construction.

Other Spot Repairs

Other spot repairs like repairing the rust damage in an existing bathtub, shower, or sink are easily possible. Once the repair is complete and the color matched coating has been applied, it will take only 4 hours to cure and set. NuFinishPro can spot repair chips on porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic, and we will also color match the surface. If stress cracks are present in the bathtub, sink or shower, NuFinishPro can repair them as well. We will spot repair the damaged area, color match the surface, and then apply a new coating.

NuFinishPro can spot repair:

  • Rust damage
  • Chips in porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic
  • Stress cracks
Hotel bathtub repair before and after refinishing

Custom Color Matching

Do your existing hotel room showers, bathtubs, and sinks each need a unique color applied to their surfaces, or would you rather have them match? NuFinishPro will change the color of your bathroom sink, tile, shower, or bathtub by applying a custom color as we refinish the surfaces. NuFinishPro can also help match the finish to your hotel’s current color scheme in order to make the shower, sink, tile, or any other surface reflect your brand; we can even change the surfaces or apply a granite-like finish to them.
Choosing A Color

We have 6 standard colors in stock: pure standard white, Lasco white, Briggs white, Kohler white, biscuit, and almond. On top of that, we can custom order any solid color you see in a Sherwin Williams paint deck. All you need to do is give us the color name and code. One of the latest trends is to apply a granite-like finish. We have a wide selection of granite-like finishes to choose from. NuFinishPro can match the color of the existing surface, apply a custom color, or apply a granite-like finish to your sink, tile, bathtub or shower.
Whether you are refinishing your entire bathroom, freshening up just the shower or bathtub, or having NuFinishPro perform a spot repair, we can custom-color match to the shade of your choice. Please let us know during the initial consultation that you want to change the color of the surface so we can plan accordingly.

Custom Color Matching:

  • Match existing color of the existing surface.
  • Create custom color from Sherwin Williams paint deck.
  • Apply granite-like finish to surface.

Non-Slip Solution

Falling in a wet bathtub or shower is a common cause of many injuries in the bathroom. NuFinishPro’s non-slip solution is a great way to reduce these risks. We will apply the non-slip solution, which forms a textured surface to the floor of an existing bathtub, either during a refinishing job that is underway or to an existing surface. The non-slip solution will help reduce the chances of someone falling in the bathtub or shower. There is no better way to protect your hotel guest by reducing the risk of slipping in the bathroom than with NuFinishPro’s non-slip solution. Once we install the non-slip solution, the hotel staff will be instructed on how to care for and maintain the surfaces.
Installation Process:

  • To install the non-slip treatment, NuFinishPro will first remove the existing finish
  • We clean the tub with a deep cleaning solution
  • The non-slip solution is added to the bathtub or shower surface
  • Once everything is set, the area is thoroughly cleaned again
  • The hotel staff will be instructed on how to maintain the non-slip solution

By integrating NuFinishPro’s non-slip solution to the hotel’s shower or bathtub during the refinishing job, you can help reduce the construction waste that is generated. Refinishing is a great way to save money and help the environment and save up to 75% over the cost of replacing the bathtub or shower in your hotel. You’ll even save on the down time that would be involved in closing off the hotel room during ordinary construction.

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