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YouTube: Channel Customization

YouTube Channel Customization Give your YouTube page a more unique look and feel. YouTube allows the user to customize the channel by adding things to the video panel. This page in Youtube Studio allows you to change the profile icon…

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YouTube: Adding Subtitles

YouTube Subtitles Add foreign language transcripts to your video. YouTube allows the content creator to add subtitles to the video. The transcript can be manually created to translate the spoken words in the content, or they can be close captions.…

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YouTube: Studio Audio Library

YouTube Studio Audio Library Adding some sound to your videos Your YouTube account's creative studio has an audio library that is available for you to use in your video. This resource can help you with editing and creating the videos…

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YouTube Monetization

YouTube Monetization When your video meets certain guidelines, you are eligible to have ads on your videos. Running ads on your channel. The YouTube Partner Program allows us to run advertising on the videos that play on the YouTube channel…

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YouTube: Playlists

YouTube Video Lists Sorting and organizing your videos A playlist is a vital part of organizing videos on YouTube, whether you are a viewer or a creator. This is how you group related videos together for visitors to view. You…

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