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Liquid Web: Help Support Chat

Liquid Web hosting

Get help from support by online chat.

Liquid Web provides support via online chat, telephone, or email. If you want to call their support line, you can contact them at 800-580-4985.

Support chat link location

The link to access support chat will be at the top of the page, and will be either a “human” icon or say “chat with a human”. Click on the link as shown to go to the next step.Before you call or begin a chant with tech support, you will need to get the support phrase. Before the chat or phone call begins provide the support rep with the support phrase.

Support chat window

A popup window will appear, to proceed to the next step, fill out the form and  click on “Start Chat”, you will then be taken to the chat support window where you will be able to explain the problem you are having. A support rep. will answer your questions.

Trouble Shooting Help

Opening a Support Chat

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