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Kitchen Refinishing

Improve the look of your countertop and sink with kitchen refinishing.

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Kitchen Sink Reglazing & Countertop Resurfacing

Kitchen refinishing can improve the look of the sink and counter top in the kitchen. One of the most important parts of your home. Since the kitchen is used every day, they become worn down over time, chipped, scratched, and damaged.

Most homeowners and property managers think they need to completely replace damaged or unsightly sinks and counter tops. But, there is another option. With kitchen refinishing, we can resurface your counter top, tiles, and re-glaze the sink can help breathe new life into your existing kitchen and help save you money.

Refinishing, re-glazing, and resurfacing are all terms that refer to the process of restoring any damaged surfaces to make them look “like new” again. Instead of replacing your old kitchen sink or counter tops and sink with new ones. It’s much faster and more affordable to hire a refinishing company like NuFinishPro. Plus, we can repair any cracks, chipped tiles, holes, or other surface damage with a spot repair. Our refinishers can make these repairs before they do the resurfacing work.

Kitchen countertop resurfacing and custom colors - NuFinishPro

Kitchen refinishing with custom colors

Our technicians are top-rated specialists in kitchen sink re-glazing and counter top resurfacing work. We also offer Color and texture customization options. Currently, we have in stock 6 standard solid colors:

  • Pure Standard White
  • Lasco White
  • Briggs White
  • Kohler White
  • Biscuit
  • Almond

To add the list, we can apply a custom color from the Sherwin Williams paint deck as we work to resurface your kitchen counter top and re-glaze the sink. All we need from you is your desired color name and number from Sherwin-Williams, and then let us take care of the rest.

Plus, we can even apply a granite-like finish to your counter top, we have a wide selection of colors and textures for you to choose from. Please have a look at our selection below, then let us know what texture you want us to apply ahead of time.

NuFinishPro kitchen tile resurfacing and counter top resurfacing before & after

See Our Kitchen Refinishing Solutions in Action

Kitchen countertop resurfacing with color customization - NuFinishPro

Ultra-Spec Granite-Like Colors

NuFinishPro has a wide selection of Granite-like finishes for your tiles, counter top, vanity, and other surfaces. We can apply the finishes as we do the work of resurfacing your kitchen or bathroom tiles, counter tops, and vanity.

Our company has a wide selection of colors, textures, and patterns for you to choose from, have a look at our selection below. Please contact us to let us know which pattern you want us to use or ask us for more information.

*Cliff, Granite and White Vein are in stock. All other colors must be specially ordered. Minimum charge of $150.00.

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