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Landing Pages – Google Business Profiles and Bing Places

Google Business Profiles & Bing Places

Location page information on the Google and Bing Search engines

Location information

Each NuFinishPro location has a profile in Google Business Profiles and Bing Places. This includes the business name, address, phone number, email address, hours of operation, some photos from the before and after the process. All of the questions are related to what kind of industry that your location services. Each location has unique information that is added to each profile.

Bing Places Dashboard

Google Business Profiles Dashboard

Helpful Links

All new profiles will need to be verified by postcard. The postcard with a pin code will be sent to the address on the profile. The virtual office that is the registered location of the NuFinishPro location will scan and email a copy of the postcard to NuFinishPro so that we can enter the pin code.

More information can be added once the location is verified by pin code.

  • Google Business Profiles and Bing Places will check to see that the same images used on the website are on the profile.
  • Business hours on profiles need to match what is on the website.
  • Bing and Google’s contact information needs to match what is on the website.

Google Ads, Google Maps, Google Search

Many other Google services like Google Ads, Maps, Search depend on Google Business Profiles to display accurate information about your business in Google Maps and Searches, Google Ads uses the information in Google Business Profiles for location services and location-based ads.

Google Ads are linked to the website, the phone number for each location is tied to the Google click-to-call number in the ads. All of the NuFinishPro website location pages are tied to a Google Ad of some sort.

Helpful Links

Google Business Profiles and Google Maps link to all NuFinishPro Locations. The web page and location information should match up with what is on the website. We are required to send a postcard by Google Business Profiles to verify the location. Google Searches are referencing from Google Business Profiles. The Google search will show a profile from Google Business Profiles on the right side of the search.

  • Online ads and links on the map and searches are directed to the location page.
  • On Google Maps the information in Google Business Profiles will be shown.
  • All related information in Google Business Profiles will be displayed in Google Search.
  • Google Ads, Searches, and GMB profile info all direct visitors to the website and landing page.
  • Bing Ads, Search and Places serve the same function.
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