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Countertop Color Customization

Give your counter top, tiles, bathtub, sink or shower a new look.

NuFinishPro offers a wide selection of different color customization options and Granite-Like finishes. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. Our refinishers can change the color that we apply while we do the refinishing work on your bathroom and kitchen. Let us change the finish of the bathtub, shower, countertop, vanity, sink, and tiles that we refinish or resurface with a granite-like finish or custom color.

We have a wide selection of textures and finishes

Our company keeps 6 standard solid colors on hand. We carry pure standard white, Lasco white, Briggs white, Kohler white, biscuit, and almond. If you want, we can custom order any solid color you want from the Sherwin-Williams paint deck. All we need from you is the name and number of the desired color from Sherwin-Williams. Please provide us the color info you have chosen when you schedule your appointment.

It’s easy for us to do

The latest refinishing trend is a granite-like finish, which looks like granite after it has been applied. NuFinishPro carries a full line of granite-like finishes* as well as solid colors. It’s never been easier to stylishly update your bathtub, countertop, shower, sink, or tile for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is choose a finish that you like. Then let us know in advance the finish that you want us to use when we come to refinish your bathroom and kitchen.

Call NuFinishPro today at 855-664-1151 (all visits are by appointment only) to learn more about updating your kitchen or bathroom.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Granite-Like Finish Options

We have a wide selection of granite-like finishes with different colors and textures for you to choose from. There are three different collections available for you to choose from. The MIneral Collection, Loft Collection, and Earth Collection are all available for you to apply to your countertop, vanity, tiles, or other surfaces. If you are interested in having one of our refinishers apply a Granite-Like finish, please let us know in advance when you schedule your appointment.

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Ultra-Spec Granite-Like Finishes

*Cliff, Granite, and White Vein are the colors we keep in stock. All the other textures shown below must be specially ordered before they can be applied. Minimum charge of $150.00.

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Mineral Collection

We have a wide selection of colors and textures available for you to choose from.

Loft Collection

Choose from our wide selecton of different colors and patterns listed on this page.

Earth Collection

There are many different colors and textures available for you to choose from.

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