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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hotel Bathroom Refinishing

Before hiring a bathtub refinishing company, consider this…
All of your guests will likely use the bathtub once a day. In fact, guests’ feedback often includes comments about slippery or dirty tubs. Therefore, it is important for a hotel to maintain tubs properly and hire an experienced and professional commercial bathroom restoration company the first time. Unprofessional bathtub refinishing will result in yellowing and increased wear and tear, not to mention negative reviews. This can cost hotels thousands of dollars in potential revenue and more downtime, as refinishing processes need to be repeated more often.
Ask the following questions of a refinishing company and compare the answers to the industry leader, NuFinishPro.

How long has the company been in business?
NuFinishPro has been in business since 1987.

Is the refinishing company licensed, bonded, and insured?
For your protection, NuFinishPro is licensed, bonded, and insured. NuFinishPro is registered with the state of California and our contractor’s license number is 983649.

Is the company currently an endorsed supplier for any hotel brands and follow their brand standards?
NuFinishPro has completed refinishing work for the Hotel Del Coronado, Four Seasons Resort, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotels, and many more.

Does the company offer a warranty, and for how long?
NuFinishPro covers labor and material for a full 5 years. However, the warranty does not extend to any accidental damage or failure to follow care and maintenance instructions within the warranty period.

Does the company follow the strict guidelines and procedures to ensure their employees, staff and guests remain safe?
The safety of all employees, staff and hotel guests is NuFinishPro’s top priority. Our technicians receive rigorous training and continue to be educated on best practices and the proper use of EPA-approved materials.

Does the company require employees to wear the proper personal protective equipment?
NuFinishPro technicians are required to wear proper safety equipment at all times. They are carefully trained on the correct equipment usage and continuously monitored for best industry practices.

Will the company provide proper ventilation equipment to ensure employee and guest safety?
NuFinishPro will provide proper ventilation and equipment for every single job. NuFinishPro understands the importance of minimal invasiveness to your hotel guests, which includes eliminating odors as much as possible and ensuring proper ventilation.

Does the company offer custom solutions to meet the needs of your bathroom-refinishing needs?
NuFinishPro offers a wide variety of bathroom refinishing services to help your hotel restore, repair, resurface, and refinish your guest bathrooms’ shower, sink, or bathtub in one simple solution. We also refinish countertops utilizing a variety of custom finishes.


Does the company use eco-friendly products that are compliant with national, state, county, and city rules and regulations?
NuFinishPro uses green and eco-friendly products for our refinishing work. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that no harmful chemicals impede hotel air quality and that bathrooms are not affected by products used.

Are materials properly disposed in compliance with government regulations?
NuFinishPro is committed to reducing construction waste in our landfills. We do our very best to be eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint during construction and clean-up.


Does the company provide flexible scheduling options?
NuFinishPro works with our clients to establish a timeline that suits your needs. We will review the scope of work and do our best to accommodate you.

Can the team accurately communicate project status at any time?
NuFinishPro will communicate clearly with clients at all phases of the project. NuFinishPro understands that a hotel room can not be unavailable for more than 24 hours at any given time. Our staff is happy to provide project updates and address your needs and concerns as they arise.


Does the company work nationwide and provide consistent results regardless of location?
NuFinishPro currently has over 24 locations to serve you throughout parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Nevada. We strive to offer consistent results in all of our locations. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service and unmatched workmanship.

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