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Non-skid Coating For Your Shower Or Bathtub Floor

Bath mats or non-slip solution

Bath mats are a great way to enhance the look of your bathtub or shower after it has been refinished, you have a choice between a specialty non-toxic bathmat or applying a non-skid coating. A specialty bathmat that is specially made for refinished bathtub can enhance to look of a bathtub, help prevent slipping and reduce wear and tear on your refinished bathtub or shower floor. Another alternative to a bath mat is a non-slip solution, a textured coating that is applied during the refinishing process that reduces the chances of slipping in the shower or bathtub.

The advantages of a non-slip solution is that there is no mat to remove or clean, the average life of the non-slip solution is one to two years, but the coating wears out and erodes over time, requiring replacement or repair by a specialist. Regular maintenance and cleaning on the part of the owner is required to be performed on the non-skid coating for the coating to last, which is why this option is not a popular item for use on residential bathrooms and showers. You see a non-slip solution in a commercial shower or handicap shower or tub, another thing to keep in mind is if you are not satisfied with the non-skid coating, a technician is required to come on site to remove the non-slip solution at additional cost after the job is done.

Bath mats are the most common and popular in residential dwellings, due to the highly visible nature of a bathmat, even if a non-skid coating is present a bathmat is still recommended for the floor. A bath mat is easier to replace than a non-skid coating and does not require a technician to come on site and replace. However, not all bathmats are created equal, buying the wrong bath mat for your bathtub or shower can cause the coating to blister or rust due to the acids present in the material that the mat is made from, when mixed with water, will slowly damage the newly applied coating over time. There are certified bath mats available that are non-toxic and made of natural materials, they are safe for your refinished bathtub or shower and are machine washable, contact us at NuFinishPro for more information at 855-664-1151.

Both bath mats and non-slip solutions have their purpose, non-slip solutions are most commonly found in commercial and hotel showers and handicap facilities where the owner does not mind replacing the non-coating every 1 to 2 years but may be impractical for a residential dwelling due to the high maintenance involved. On the other hand bathmats are very readily available, they are very common and easy to find, but for refinishing jobs, a non-toxic specialty bathmat is recommended for a bathtub and shower that has been refinished.

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